Our hand and body care formulations are organic, vegan and free from unnecessary ingredients. All of our formulations are manufactured, hand filled, and hand labelled in Melbourne, Australia.


As a mission-driven brand, we believe:

  • That the world doesn’t need more; it needs better.

  • That true luxury lies in patience, restraint, and artistry.

  • In the power of human hands. Our products are filled, labelled and quality controlled by hand.

  • That everyday objects can be transformed into statement pieces for the home.

  • In longevity built on sustainable practices and conscious products.

  • That the best ideas are found in quiet moments.
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Slow beauty, bright future

“In a category that celebrates ’one sold every second’, WØRKS is proudly anti mass market. The beauty industry is one of the largest contributors to landfill, ocean pollution and climate change. Personal care products make up a significant portion of the problem due to plastic packaging and product disposability. 

We founded WØRKS to disrupt this category by innovating across the entire supply chain – from eliminating plastic packaging through to responsible sourcing of raw materials and ingredient transparency. Because the world doesn't need more; it needs better.”

Suze Raymond, WØRKS Co-Founder

A meticulous design process

“With longevity in mind, timeless aesthetic is important. Our statement glass vessels have been designed with consideration for the product lifecycle, with particular attention paid to ever changing light play through the glass as the formulation inside is slowly emptied, then refilled.

This level of attention to detail is usually reserved for home accessories, which is what we believe our products to be. They are not consumables; they are objects of permanence.”

Christoffer Kjaergaard, WØRKS Co-Founder

what's in a name


The name WØRKS comes from the word 'workshop' for its dual meanings: an establishment dedicated to craftsmanship and manufacture, and a coming together of minds to discuss and build new ideas.

Simply, WØRKS is a space of creativity and innovation.

As a nod to co-founder Christoffer’s Danish heritage, the inclusion of the Danish character Ø - the nation’s symbol for certified organic - speaks to our commitment to organic formulation.