Why shopping Australian made is so important

The importance of Australian made

The fallout of COVID has negatively impacted almost every industry, company and individual in Australia. 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year, but what if we saw the uncertainty as an opportunity to redefine our business practices and reshape the landscape of the Australian economy?

Amidst talk of “going back to normal”, this unprecedented set of circumstances could be the catalyst to create a new–and better–normal.

Australian owned or Australian made - what’s the difference?

Clever marketing can confuse well-intentioned consumers when it comes to the origin of a brand or product. Companies are can claim Australian-owned or Australian-designed status while having their goods manufactured offshore. The concern is that most offshore production of textiles, electrical goods, personal care and furniture is undertaken in developing countries where the treatment of workers is poor and environmental policies are non-existent. Further to ethical concerns, offshore production sidesteps support of our local economy.

Australian made means that goods are manufactured within Australia. This ensures that the goods, the people who make them, and the environmental impact of production are governed by various codes of ethics. These governance structures ensure that the quality of the products is high and, more importantly, that the company’s employees are treated with respect, have rights within the workplace, and are paid fairly for their work. Homegrown goods may attract higher price tags, but that’s justified by higher standards for workers and more stringent controls over environmental impact.

From an economic perspective, Australian made means that profits are kept in Australia, effectively strengthening our economy and bolstering employment. With that in mind, there has never been a better time for companies who have traditionally had their goods manufactured offshore to pivot their business models and bring production home.  

What Australian made looks like

Here at WØRKS, we’re an Australian owned and operated company selling Australian made products. From our raw materials and manufacturing processes to marketing and order fulfilment, our supply chains are built on Australian businesses.

Our formulating chemist is based in Melbourne, and all of our products are developed, tested and manufactured in an accredited Melbourne laboratory. Our signature scents are formulated with 100% naturally derived raw materials and developed by a master perfumer in Sydney. Our 100% recyclable shipping boxes are manufactured by an Australian owned family business based in Brisbane. Our 100% recyclable rPET vessels- which are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic - are manufactured in Melbourne. 

In supporting us, our customers and retailers are also supporting the Australian businesses owners, employees and sole traders we work with every day.

We’re not only committed to keeping our manufacturing in Australia, we’re also looking at new ways to increase our positive impact on the local economy. We’re focused on supporting small-to-medium enterprises and family-run business that are owned and operated by Australians. The people we work with every day - including digital marketing specialists, photographers, stylists, pickers and packers, couriers and retailers - are Australian sole traders, SMEs and corporations.

With a view to full transparency, we openly disclose that we continue to execute our design work in Denmark in line with our commitment to authentic Danish design.

Let’s continue to support our communities, companies and consumer goods industries and work towards a future-proof economy. We’re in this together, Australia.

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