The difference between hand cream and body balm

Organic hand cream by WØRKS

WØRKS hand creams and body balms are rich in certified organic oils and butters and infused with natural botanicals selected for their efficacy and synergy with the skin - but how do our formulations differ from each other? And what is the difference between cream, moisturiser, balm and lotion?

Hand Cream

A hand cream or moisturiser should be lightweight and biocompatible for ready absorption. This allows for quick penetration of the hydrating ingredients into the dermal layers and a non-greasy finish. 

Our hands are constantly active and exposed to the environment, including sun, wind, water and detergents so they need regular care. Applying a high quality hand cream throughout the day, especially after washing hands or while in air conditioned or heated environments, will keep the skin hydrated and the barrier intact.  

WØRKS hand creams are formulated with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Our formulations are rich in sweet almond and macadamia oils, which are high in vitamins A and E, zinc and squalene. These two nut oils have a similar composition to the skin’s own natural oils, so they absorb quickly without leaving a greasy finish.

Our Nourishing Hand Cream is infused with antioxidant-rich green tea extract  for its anti-ageing properties, and our Rejuvenating Hand Cream is infused with vitamin-rich finger lime caviar for its repairing and skin brightening properties. Both formulations replenish moisture lost through daily environmental exposure, protect against sun damage, and help combat the signs of ageing by increasing skin suppleness.  



Body Balms

A body balm or lotion should be mid-weight and skin synergistic for maximum results. This allows for deep hydration throughout the day for a long-lasting silky smooth finish. 

A body lotion or balm will generally be applied only once a day, usually after showering. Whether applied in the morning or before bed, body lotion is intended to calm the skin, boost lipids within the dermis and address dryness or sensitivity.

WØRKS body balms are formulated with 100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Our formulations are rich in organic carrot oil, shea and cocoa seed butters, which are high in fatty acids, phytochemicals and vitamins E, D, K and A. These natural plant butters are known to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Our Balancing Body Balm is infused with hydrating iris root to soften and plump the skin, and our Revitalising Body Balm is infused with natural seaweed extract to gently detoxify and reduce sensitivity. Both formulations soothe the skin, deeply hydrate and lock in moisture, help to combat free radical damage, and protect barrier function.  

When shopping for a hand or body lotion, moisturiser, balm or cream, remember to look for 100% natural and organic formulations for optimal skin health. Seek out lightweight hand creams that absorb readily and mid-weight body balms that provide extended hydration throughout the day. 
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