New Release: Statement Glassware Designed For Display

New Release: Statement Glassware Designed For Display

Minimalist design, maximalist impact

In a category of consumables, WØRKS new-release glass vessels are designed as objects of permanence. A slimmed down silhouette, luxe embossing, and a tonal palette come together to transcend the every day. 

These statement pieces for the home meet the needs of the design-conscious; those who appreciate meticulous attention to detail and who seek premium products to style their spaces — without having to resort to plastic.

Previously exclusive to trade, including some of Australia’s top interior designers and best-rated restaurants, the glass vessels double as sophisticated bathroom accessories. 

Designed as focal points for home, our new vessels invite interaction and conversation. The weight and quality of the glass lends itself to a feeling of quiet luxury, while the interplay between smooth glass and tactile embossing encourages touch.

With discrete embossing and a clean, timeless silhouette, our glass vessels are designed with a minimalist aesthetic for maximalist impact. With functionality in mind, the base of each vessel is fitted with a unique silicon mat to protect your stone and marble surfaces.

WØRKS glassware transports you to a world of quiet luxury. This is design that defines your space.

Available July 1, 2024.

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