Seed-to-Skin Beauty: The New Frontier

Seed-to-Skin Beauty: The New Frontier

In the cluttered personal care market, a paradigm shift is emerging. Seed-to-skin beauty – a concept literally rooted in nature – is a philosophy that transcends conventional skincare practices.


What is Seed-to-Skin Beauty?

Seed-to-skin beauty is a concept that emphasises the use of natural ingredients in skincare products, starting from the seeds of plants. Seed-to-skin harnesses the potency of botanicals from their beginnings as seeds, and uses minimal intervention processing methods to create formulations that deliver nutrients into the skin in their most pure form. Given its departure from mass produced synthetic ingredients, the seed-to-skin concept also has strong ties to holistic wellbeing and sustainability.


What are the Advantages of Seed-to-Skin?

One of the key advantages of seed-to-skin products is that they champion a holistic approach to skincare. These products are carefully formulated without harmful ingredients, so they work without disrupting the skin’s natural processes or destabilising the microbiome. Instead, they are made with higher concentrations of plants that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. These products work deep within the skin, providing nourishment and rejuvenation from the inside out.


Process, Product, Potency

The process of making seed-to-skin products is carefully managed to maintain the potency of the natural ingredients. Seed-to-skin products use botanicals that are grown in responsible ways, so they hold tangible benefits for our skin and wellbeing while also supporting eco-friendly practices and sustainable farming methods. In fact, the seed-to-skin ethos extends far beyond cosmetic benefits—it embodies an authentic commitment to sustainability and the ethical stewardship of our planet. By sourcing ingredients from responsible growers and adhering to eco-conscious practices, seed-to-skin brands minimise their environmental footprint and champion the preservation of biodiversity.


We proudly champion a seed-to-skin ethos and formulate our products in small batches using minimal intervention techniques. Discover our range.

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