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Introducing fragrances to our interior spaces can create a balanced and mindful atmosphere. So how do we harness the power of aroma?

More than a tool for perception, our sense of smell plays an integral role in emotional responses, memory recall and mood. All eight major mood factors, being irritation, stress, depression, apathy, happiness, relaxation, stimulation and sensuality, are affected by fragrance.

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The reason is physiological. Our olfactory receptors are directly linked to the part of the brain that controls both memory and emotion. This means that every time we smell an aroma the brain finds an existing connection or creates a new one, then instigates a neurological response such as a change in heart rate, brain waves or muscle tension. This triggers a psychological cue as to how we should feel - be that stressed, relaxed or irritated. 

In a real-world example, the smell of fresh jasmine in Spring or juicy, ripe tangelos may trigger memories of childhood that relax your muscles, slow your breathing and make you feel calm, safe and happy. All of this happens subconsciously, with reactions occurring almost instantaneously.

Our natural fragrances are crafted from 100% essential oils, botanicals and extracts by a Master Perfumer. Each fragrance is made as a natural eau de parfum before being gently infused into our organic hand care and body care products. This ensures that our fragrances wear on the skin like perfumes; interacting with our own pheromones and gently releasing fragrance over time. 

By understanding how natural fragrances promote feelings of wellbeing, we have the ability to curate positive sensory experiences. Introducing calming, relaxing or stimulating aromas into our interior spaces can create a balanced and mindful atmosphere.

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Bringing those aromas into our sphere of personal care extends upon the feeling of the home as a sanctuary. The simple act of cleansing and nourishing your skin with a delicately scented soap and cream–or lighting a scented candle inside your home–can transport you to a more mindful headspace and elevate your mood. It’s finding luxury in everyday rituals that inspires us to create well-balanced natural fragrances for the hands, body and home that clarify, balance, ground and calm.

Discover our niche fragrances made from 100% essential oils and botanicals. Available in our 100% soy wax hand poured candles and high-performance organic hand care and body care products. 

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