How we created a truly sustainable design-led brand

The power and purpose of story

Storytelling has always been about connection: connecting people to place, culture, history and to each other. Brand story is no different. Brand story communicates purpose and meaning - the who, what, when, where and why of a brand’s inception, mission and values. Here’s ours.

Beyond borders: the founder story

WØRKS was founded by Australian/Danish team Suze Raymond and Christoffer Kjærgaard with the mission to bridge the gap between organic Australian made products and minimalistic Scandinavian design.

After moving from Denmark to Australia in 2014, Christoffer noticed an absence of design-led home accessories, which form the backbone of Danish interiors. Meanwhile, Suze was struggling to find organic, sustainable and plastic-free products that also delivered luxurious sensory experiences and high efficacy.

Together, they set out to make a difference.

The etymology of WØRKS

The name WØRKS was born from the word workshop for its dual meanings: an establishment dedicated to craftsmanship and manufacture, and a coming together of minds to discuss and build new ideas. Simply, WØRKS is a space of creativity, evolution and innovation.

The inclusion of the Danish character Ø in our name recognises Denmark’s commitment to design and organics. This small Scandinavian nation has the highest organic market share in the world at more than 10% - with the national symbol for organics being Ø. Also a leader in the interior design world, Denmark has inspired our aesthetic of clean lines and warm minimalism.  

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A tale of three cities

Inspired by their Danish aesthetic, our collections are named for Denmark’s most significant and sentimental cities.

Named for the hometown of WØRKS co-founder Christoffer Kjærgård, ÅRHUS is a collection of high-end hand care for daily use.

Named for the birthplace of famed storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, ØDENSE is a collection of luxury body products that elevate the rituals of personal care.

Named for the historic capital København, KØBEN is a collection of hand poured aromatic candles that bridges the gap between meticulous design and sensory experience.

Our commitment to local

Despite our Scandinavian influence, WØRKS is an Australian owned and operated company. We source Australian-grown certified organic oils, botanicals and extracts including local macadamia oil, finger lime caviar and marine extract, and formulate, test and manufacture all of our products in Melbourne.

Our signature scents are blended by a master perfumer in Sydney and our recyclable shipping boxes are manufactured by an Australian-owned family business in Brisbane. The people we work with every day, including retailers, photographers, stylists, pickers and packers and couriers, are Australian sole traders, SMEs and corporations.

WØRKS founding mission - to bridge the gap between considered design and sustainable living - continues to be the backbone of our brand story as we bring together the best of ethical Australian manufacture and meticulous Danish design.


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Organic skin health formulations 

WØRKS formulations for the hands, body and home are made with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. 

With high performance and optimal skin health in mind, we source biocompatible and skin synergistic ingredients known for their proven efficacy for all of our products. Our formulations are formulated for nourishing and anti-ageing; rejuvenating and brightening; balancing and firming; and revitalising and detoxifying

Natural home fragrances 

Our luxuriously scented candles are hand poured in Melbourne. Made from 100% soy wax, our natural soy candles are scented with niche perfume blended by a master perfumer. Our five distinct and unique fragrance are crafted with intention to support mindful relaxation, gently awaken the senses, promote calm and balance, clarify and enliven the mind, and stimulate and revive mind and body.

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